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Digital audio players are wonderful to carry around, however, untangling earphone cords can be a hassle.
Music earphones, Hands-free earphones... I see 2 or 3 earphone cords coiled up when I look around.
I've searched everywhere for a solution, but haven't found anything that I'd like to carry around.

I know, let's make one!

However, it must match the player I bought because of it's style and design. It can't be cheap-looking. And it can't be big and bulky.

Flange with a cute, curved design. An iPod's earphone cord can be completely stored in a body with 32 mm in diameter, and 24 mm in thickness. It also comes with a lock mechanism that controls the cord length, and even comes with a clip.

Small, and cute. Stylish and useful.
It may not have an automatic wind-up function, but you can use your favorite earphone.

No more tangling, and no more knots.
And no more worries of the cord getting caught with something.

Model Number: CR001M-W (WHITE)/CR001M-B (BLACK)
Diameter: 32 mm (Largest width: 36 mm)
Height: 26 mm
Weight: 10 g
Windable Cord: Less than approximately 2 mm in diameter,
or approximately 1 mm in thickness x approximately 2.5 mm in width.
Up to approximately 1.2 m in length.
Protruding object on cord: Less than approximately 4 mm in thickness,
approximately 6 mm in width,
approximately 6 mm in length
Cordreel Material: ABS Resin
Clip Material: Stainless-steel

Utility Model Registration JP3119484, Design Registration JP1321847, U.S. Patent US 7,546,969 B2, U.S. Patent US D557,589 S

development QA Manual


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