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What kind of company is it?
  We are a team of professionals at producing instruction manuals for computers, computer peripheral devices, digital cameras and IT home appliances. We are proud to provide consistent service from planning, writing, design and layout, editing, and finishing, all within the company. All of our staff are aware of their roles, and engage in work with responsibility.
We correspond to paper, PDF, HTML, video, and various forms of media. We correspond to Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese languages.
Our motto is, to understand the product, understand the user, and produce instruction manuals from the heart.
What type of people are involved in instruction manual production?
  Technical writers responsible for planning and writing, designers responsible for design and layout, editors responsible for editing and finishing, directors responsible for controlling the entire project, schedule controllers responsible for controlling the schedule, all work in close coordination to produce instruction manuals. Moreover, each and every staff has a base knowledge of the press, desktop publishing, and production scheduling. Writers cannot say that they don't have any knowledge of editing, and designers cannot say that they don't have any knowledge of writing. Each must cooperte with one another by understanding the other people's job.
Up to this point is the production side (contractor). To this, the staff members of the client side who place orders are included.
How do you become a technical writer?
  There are no requirements such as a national license, therfore, you can become a technical writer from the day you print "Technical Writer" in your job description of your busines card! (maybe that's too extreme.)
However, whether a job can be granted is all up to your ability. Even if you want to acquire the ability for technical writing, there are no official technical writing training organizations in Japan. The only way is to get an employment at manual production companies like us, or engage in jobs producing manuals with manufacturers. Although there are technical communication technique examinations and seminars at Japan Technical Communicators Association, it is intended for people with experience.
What kind of people are suited to become a technical writer?
  People with a great deal of curiosity and have good patience!
Ofcourse, you must also be interested in computers, digital cameras, and IT home appliances! Furthermore, if you are considerate and thoughtful, it's your ideal job!
It's always good to have technical knowledge, but it's okay if you have a foundation for understanding. This is because, an instruction manual is for someone using the product for the first time, and the writer can start with no knowledge, but understand it by the time the manual is written up. And that's precisely experiencing the same as the user, while writing! However, you can't take leisurely time anymore these days...


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