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Technical Communication Kenkyu Kai Mailing List
  Mailing list aimed at communication with technical writers and people engaged in instruction manual production. Subscription is free, but you must be approved by the administrator.

Heartiness Ltd.
  Website of Heartiness Ltd., an expert in technical communication. With back numbers of columns published on Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun. Also feel free to visit Shigeko Takahashi's weblog about recent events.

Tokyo Illustration Service Co., Ltd.
  Specializes in the production of technical data centered on technical illustrations. Recently working on the production of contents, including online parts list allowing ordering of parts from a website, and electronic manuals using Flash animation.

Technical Translations from English to French \ Didier ROUX
  Translations of: audio, video, computers, telecommunications, digital cameras, home appliances, electronics, printing machines, automobiles, petrochemical product engineering, etc.
Desktop publishing (PageMaker, InDesign, FrameMaker) also available at the same time.

Wondernest Ltd.
  Website production services based on the concept of utilizing the efficient business tool and supporting it by bringing out the potential of the internet. This website production is brought to you by Wondernest.

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